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06 June 2012 @ 03:48 am
Another two favourite scenes from the 'Dying Message' PV of mine. Just thought I'd spread the D love~~ <3

(Asagi: ...sasu!' <3)

(Disclaimer: EVERYTHING is by D (www.d-gcr.com) I just ripped these scenes off their latest PV.)
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If you didn't....




ENJOYYYY XD XD (Despite the three breaks in thr) (And though it's recorded on phone, their voices are clear and audible! d(=W=))
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Hey there! Below are really simple .gifs made from D's 'Dying Message' PV preview! (If you have not watched it, shame on you! XD Go and youtube for it!!)

If you happen to be a fantastic D fan, which one of the gifs below do you prefer to stare at more? It'd be great if you'd share your answers with me. :) :D



[Disclaimer: EVERYTHING belongs to D.]
(It's be nice if you asked for permission if you ever want to take either one of them :) )
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